Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the sense idol

looks like we're coming at the right time ^.^ the sense is holding 'the sense idol' tonight. zhi li n i are out together again to online. we just finished having our yoga lesson.

hmm...we've been sitting here for about one hour, but the competition still not yet started -.-'

okok! stop discussing about them. i've missed to write my blog, AGAIN!!!! tht's really bad. don't know if i can keep up with my consistency of writing blogs every day, or not. i hope that i can take this seriously. it's really a good way to release my stress for the day.

starting from yesterday, the rain keeps pouring down from the sky. it's the 1st day of 'nine king grandpa'. i believe that it'll rain for 9 days full. for somehow, i'm really glad that i have a car. thanks a lot to the ppl who invented cars. thanks to the ppl who invented steel. thanks to the ppl who invented auto gear. thanks to ... suddenly feel so grateful to so many ppl, coz if not because of them, i'll be wet everytime i go to work these days.

today's the 1st day of my holiday. i slept for almost 11 hours. WOAH!!!! when i woke up at 12pm, felt very very very dizzy -.-' then slept again for another 45 minutes after doing house work in the afternoon at 3pm. hmmm... aren't i sound like a kind of animal???? but the difference between us is - it sleeps, eats, sleeps; i work, sleep, work. ngiek ngiek ngiek ngiek ngiek!!!

only 27 minutes remaining. the competition's already started and it's the 4th competitor on the stage right now. the theme for today's competition is according to how the competitors change the song from the usual way it should be sung. uhmm... sounds like everyone is just changing the tune into a jazzy way to sing. it's sad to say that, that's nothing really special in it but luckily it's still very comfortable for us, audience, to listen to.

guess that i should stop here now. my laptop is going to out of power after 22 minutes from now on. hope tomorrow's another sweet day for me ^.^

Sunday, September 28, 2008

tiny little incidents around me

zhi li's sitting in front of me, facing the screen. and me? also facing the screen. quite many ppl around us right now...malay...chinese...indian... where are we? we're actually onlining at starbucks...

i dun think i can write my blog if i didn't plan to come out today. nen said it's been 2 days we can't online at home. damn line! feel better sitting here, eating choc cake and drinking my caramel cream with extra whipped cream ( OMG! FAT! XP ) err... dun care so much ler... fat then fat lar~ ngiek ngiek!

i'm going to have my holiday soon. need to work for only one more day, then i'm free for my one week holiday^^ SYOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but my exam is just around the corner... WA-LAO-EH!! hate this kind of feeling! i'm just like a fat bird in a big cage now, got space for me to go around but my 'fat' stop me from moving -.-'

i must use my free time to study, to practice my presentation, to improve my english in building up a proper sentence with the points i know.

from now on, my ah sir is going to torture my frenz n me *sob* this afternoon he just gave us many useful thick thick books about music teaching and 'forced' us to read, and he's going to set questions next sunday. besides that, he asked us to do quite many researches too.... ah ma ahhhhhhh~ please popi popi me and my frenz! T.T


10.57pm now. it's so smelly here ler.... some guys're smoking $%^&*$%^#$^%*&%^&

i missed again my friday and saturday's blog... well... wat did i do yesterday? hmm... woke up, worked, took my lunch, worked again, took my dinner, then worked again... nothing really special happened yesterday. but it's an enjoyable saturday though ^.^

then how about friday? hmm... wat i remember is, i helped han yoong to take care a little spoilt brat after my work. that boy's cute, but spoilt. he's handsome, but spoilt. wat a waste! he really needs lotsa love n teaching as he's just five years old. there're still many opportunities to pull him back from being a spoilt brat... hopefully!

it's 11.16pm now. going home soon. it's rather late now but there're still quite a lot of ppl here. oh well, raya's coming soon. many gatherings. k, till here then. nightz~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

peaceful night

hmm... planning to write my blog in such an early time? well, it's my 1st time actually.

for days, i can only sleep around 2am @ 3am, then wake up at about 7am =.= very abnormal life ler... and i look older and older coz of not having enough sleep *sob*

HMMPH!!! today i must sleep early ler! i'll sleep at 12am! HMMMMPHH!!!

today, nothing much to write actually. everything's fine. especially night time, whole family watching TV together, trying to discuss what to do or where to go during Raya holiday, but nothing came out in the end... =.="

OMG! it's 11.40pm now. should stop here then. hmmm... in the previous blog: 'cried without tears dropping down my cheeks'???!!! sounds weird... or should this sentence be written as 'cried without tears rolling down my cheeks..'? oh well... still working hard in improving my english... so bad...

kkkkkk! should go to sleep now. nite nite.

in the middle of the night

it's very late now...but i'm still awake =.=...

Mr. H asked me out juz now. he talked quite a lot, about his life, his job.

i never knew that there'll be so much tragedy in one person's life. this is the 1st time i met this kind of person. if his story's true, i feel v sorry to him... well, good luck to him in everything then~

i'm late again, to write my yesterday's blog...

23/9 Tuesday

it's been a busy day for me:
  • 9.45 am-10.45 am: went for yoga lesson soon after i woke up.

  • 11 am-2.15 pm: wrote my '4 days blog'.

  • 2.30 pm-4 pm: went out to give lesson.

  • 4.15 pm-6.15 pm: clean up my house.

  • 6.30 pm-12 am: went to watch movie 'Money No Enough 2' with friends at prai.

v glad coz i didn't missed my usual plan - cleaning up my house on tuesday ^^

heard some rumours about that movie's not interesting. uh-well, my own opinion, it's quite funny for some parts and it touched my heart on how they treat their mother, Lai Meng. i cried, without tears dropping down my cheeks. i was thinking, will i treat my parents like how they treat? oh no. i love my parents. i promise i'll take care of them when they're old. i've succeeded arranging my time for my family, my friends, my job, and my studies. i admit that i'm a lazy person, i don't do any house work except tuesday as that day's my off day. but i hope that my tiny little help could help my mum to reduce her work a little, to help my dad to save some money on hiring a house maid. they're working too hard although they're in their 50's =.=

saw this while i'm on the way to yoga lesson


hope to get one for my new house ^++^

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my '4 days' blog

1st of all, i would like to shout out:

'STREAMYX!!!! U SUX!!!!!!!!!!'

okay. let's see...how many days i've missed for my blog...4 days??? wat a number...

alright, i'll start with last thursday(18/9) *playback*playback*playback*playback*playback*playback*

18/9 Thursday

today's the day before Joo Hoi's birthday. it's been a busy day for my friends and myself, to give her a birthday surprise...

here're all the presents we prepared

~Look nice?~

and what would they be after being unwrapped?

~red pens and mentos~

now, let's see my friend's facial expression...

~she laughed till her tears out!~

well, she never thought that, coz of one word, we all gave her red pens as presents. but, this is just the start...

19/9 Friday

today's her birthday, here're 2 videos of her birthday celebration

~a cruel surprise again~

~a sweet surprise~

didn't finished taping it, hehe! she's slow in opening this present coz of me, i insist that she must keep the wrapper.

~a gift which is given by 13 friends, written by miss LI WEI! hahahahaha!~
that's the reason i asked her to keep this wrapper! ngiek ngiek!

besides that, we also gave her a birthday 'supper' treat at Hotmas during thursday night. although it's damn hot and humid over there, it's still a memorable night for us =) we aren't that bad, huh? ^.^

20/9 Saturday

i was bitten by an ant in the evening =.= it bit my backside!!! evil ant... now, let's see how it looks like

~*cheng*cheng* here it is! the evil big head ant...=.=~

my backside's itchy for days! you evil ant! i'll put u into jail! i'll make u suffer! i'll wipe off all ur road trails! buahahahahaha! now who's more evil? dare to bite me again?!

21/9 Sunday

i cried in front of my ah sir today. i bla eveything to him, list out all the problems i faced..

thanks to him, i feel so relief now~ i feel like everything's out from my body, no more heavy responsibilities on my shoulder ^.^

after lessons, my friends and i went to juru to celebrate sheau chin's birthday.

~her cake from secret recipe: new york cheese cake!!!~

~so nice! so delicious! i love cake!!!!!~

~birthday girl... she is as sweet as the cake ^^~

it's a nice celebration at Hong Kie Kopitiam. there're 10% discount if we go there to celebrate our birthday. and the waiters and waitresses are friendly too! we asked them to help us to take some pictures. there're 3 of them who helped us =) so we treat them cakes ^^

1st picture was taken by a malay waitress

~eeek! shieh yee! y u hid yourself behind my head?!~

2nd picture was taken by a chinese waiter

~okay! all look very clear~

the 3rd waiter is a Thai. he's the one who helped us to get lighter and took our order.

last but not least, i like the seafood mee udon from that Kopitiam!!! mee udon!!! wait for me!!! i'm coming for you again the next time!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

a bad day???

jz finished watching 'Golden String' last week, and was attracted to 'Ave Maria' composed by Schubert.

i was thinking of buying Schubert's CD collection, but today, juz a few minutes ago, i found it in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, when i was studying Czerny's biography... (woooohooooo~~ i'm really doing my homework~~ ngiek ngiek!)

and here's the problem, i can't put this song into my WMP. i'd followed every instructions, but it's still the same =.=' i'm such a noob! T.T~

oh well, tht's nothing to me anyway. the worst part of my today's life is *ten ten ten ten* MY WORK!!

there're many kinds of student, this is the kind which can cause my head nearly explode *pi-po-pi-po-pi-po-pi-po*

- she is not bad in playing piano
- she is lazy to practice at home
- she is afraid of taking exams
(aiya, almost all my students also have these characteristics! including me too =P)
here're the most hatred parts:
- she is a 'follower', ask him a simple Q he/she also can think till holand =.=
- her parents want to give freedom to him, put all responsibilities unto the teacher, not giving
any coorperation at home, always know how to ask 'u think my daughter/son can do it or
not?'or always waiting for me to complain about their children

elooo? if wan to see result, at least put some pressure to ur children laaaaaaaaaa!!!! @#%$%^&%^&@#$%^ not sitting for the exam nevermind, i wan to kam-sia u tim! but, at least ask them to practice at home for some time, sit down n listen, praise them if they're playing good PURRRRRLIZZZZZZ!!!!

i see them only once a week, only 45 minutes le! giving ur precious child nice @ fun @ interesting pieces to play, n they didn't practice at home, u use ur brain to think think, ermm... use butt to think also know they can't get any good improvement la! if wan to give them tht so-called 'FREEDOM', but still wan to see good result, y dun u let ur children to stay with me?! keep on with ur 'good parent' image, and let me be the bad person who always putting an eye on them to practice piano everyday, use all kinds of method to cultivate their interest in music! good idea?!


hmmmph! hmmph! hmmph!

the conclusion of this blog:

I dunno how to teach this type of student ler T.T ~ i'm such a tai-B teacher! keep on being patience? or let tht student go? if let her go, i need to say 'bye bye' to my salary neh...=.= it's decreasing this month.. but if not, what else can i do? let her play games every week? hmmm... no idea. 'see one step walk one step' la~

good night!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

homework! homework!

just finished reading Kuhlau's biography.

hmm...finally i've made up my mind to study =.= i'm such a lazy bum!

for almost one month my teacher gave me "holidays" but i dunno how to use the time to study! OH-MY-GOD!!!!!! the exam is coming soon, around november @ december, and i'm still "empty-minded" ... omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg...=.=

my ah sir gave me some homework to do this week: search for the biography of Mr. Kuhlau and Mr. Czerny; prepare a better presentation for the Gd. 5 piece, and study the books i bought to gain more knowledge on music teaching.

it's been 2 days after my lesson, and now only i start to work on them... =.=



why i chose to work and study at first??!!

why i still need to do those irritating paper works even in music diplomas?
(already sent to england but please allow me to do some shout-outs here..)

why the time passes so fast?

why am i still a piano teacher??? i dun have other choice already meeehhh?????



okey, feel better now. i will work hard on my studies from now on. i'll force myself to do my second homework tomorrow: search for Czerny's biography.

I love my job.

I love my studies.

I love myself.

Good Luck On Everything.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

no idea for the title...

it's monday today, but yesterday i thought today is tuesday == buu-duuhh!!!

i was so happy when thinking about tuesday, but suddenly my sis reminded me, her words pulled my mood back...

ok, talking about today, hmm... i got a new friend to sms suddenly. he's Mr. H.

it's Mr. E who passed my phone number to Mr. H....


he didn't ask for my permission at all!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

DARN!!! it's been a long time i didn't received this kind of sms, one year i guess. suddenly i felt so blank, so old, dunno how to reply ==" but luckily Mr. H has quite many topics to chat about, he made my hp busy ringing the whole afternoon till night. not a bad sms friend though ^.^

i'm happy HAPPY happy HAPPY happy now~ because, i'm very sure that:


ngieeeeek ngiek ngiek ngiek ngiek!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

it's only 8.30pm now, and i'm sitting in front of my notebook, writing blogs ==

very tired.

went to work from 9am; study at seberang jaya at 12pm; back to sp to work again at 4.15pm; 6pm -end-

really very tired.

glad to stay and rest at home actually ^+++^

tomorrow no work... yay! tuesday, i love u! muak~


The day before Mid-Autumn Festival

this is about yesterday...

yesterday morning, i saw many corpses

this was my breakfast - "dau3 sa3 pao1". see anything? let me focus nearer

see it now? ant's corpses. yum yum! protein! ngiek ngiek ngiek!
i think they're thinking of commit suicide, as their corpses didn't reach the "dau3 sa1" , as though they're "purposely" staying there to wait this "pao1" to get heat ==

so, how i ate it? hmm...i love "dau3 sa1" lotz~ it's a waste if threw it away immediately.

this is the way i ate:

1. took a spoon
2. dug out the "dau3 sa1" from the "pao1"
3. checked through to confirm there're no corpses
4. opened my mouth
5. ate it
after taking these steps, i threw the "ant's coffin" away.
luckily i got another spare "healthy pao1" there. if not, i guess my best fren - gastric will visit me again ==
we're the "stripe gang" of the day~

from the left: teacher, mr. pai sei lang(tht's wat he called himself), miss wong

oww..aren't mr. pai sei lang and miss wong cute?? ^-^" they're my 2nd class on saturday.
during night time, Mr. E invited me to have dinner with him.

our dinner at Secret Recipe:
1) Chicken Cordon Blue
2) New York Cheese Cake
3) Chicken Kebab
4) Ice Choc with whipped cream
5) Apple juice
6) 2 free ice-creams
"not expensive" he said. it's only RM 60++
thx for the dinner Mr. E.
joined my family at pizza-hut soon after the dinner. no electricity at home ==
~younger sis's holding the camera~

~@~ : "am i fat?" ngiek ngiek!
she's my elder sis, going to give birth to a baby girl soon^^

A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.I.N.G ...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

tired, shocked, sad...

Time: 12.51am


I worked for 10 hours today, from 9am-10pm. Felt very sleepy in the afternoon, got used with my afternoon nap d == suffering like hell jz now, for not having a time to even rest my eyes... Friday, this year, i dislike u


My munimoomoooo hp hanger, which my younger sis bought for me from malacca, fell off accidentally when my youngest bro helped me to answer my phone while i was driving. I'd lost the bell in the car... I was shocked, as i love this hp hanger very much ==

~munimoomoooo..i want u back!! T.T~


I received a call from my friend just now. Tomorrow's steambot party, cancelled. Feel sad, coz this year going to celebrate mid-autumn festival alone. Last year 2007, celebrated with friends in juru; a year before last year, celebrated with my ex; 2 years before last year, celebrated with my younger sis n her friends, got a free lantern some more; this year, all alone...~ T.T

~2007 tanglung festival~

today, i am very


>white clouds during day time
>dark clouds during night time

nite nite =.=ZzZ

Friday, September 12, 2008

why i create my own stupid blog? -.-

juz read through my bro n sis's blog, what the...
they are so:

-dare to express their feeling-
-fluent in english-

~my younger bro n sis~

why i create my own stupid blog? very simple.
it is just for:


nothing else.

i am always:

-simple minded-

and today, i feel: