Thursday, November 13, 2008

waiting... -.-

it AIN'T an EASY JOB...@.@

i thought she's going to wake up at 12 am. but until now - 1.29am, she's still sleeping soundly... T.T cherlyn ahhhhhh~ wake up lar... ur time to drink milk over already lor lor lor lor lor lor... yi yi wants to sleep d ler....

taking care of a baby in the middle of the night really ain't an easy job... T.T

Sunday, November 9, 2008

after a long time...

it's 14 days, not 9 days.... T.T bloggy blog~ i'm back!!!

it's been a long time, my old fren didn't pay me a visit....... flu ahhhhhhh~~!!! even though i dislike u, but i'm really glad that u're here since the day before yesterday. don't even think of coming to visit me AGAIN during the 1st week of december k? it's an important @ exam week for me. and now, i'll try my best not to stop you from moving on with ur journey. there's a baby girl in my house, i can't resist both angel and demon at one time, in one house. i need to choose only one, and, very sorry to say that, i choose the angel ^^


i dreamt of something really weird 2 days ago. there're 3 scenes.

1st scene
i saw i'm holding the hp my 3rd ex gave me in my hand (i love that hp very much, but due to not being together anymore, i'd given it back to him). in the dream, i'm still thinking. i'm thinking of y is the phone still here? aren't i returned it to him d? or i bought a new one myself? omg... it's so real! during that time, i'm considering too. i'm considering whether i want to sms him, or not? but soon, i'd decided not to, coz i knew he has a new partner d. although we're still frenz, it's not good to sms him so often.

(soon the decision is made, the scene changed... =.=)

2nd scene
i'm in my working place, chit-chatting with frenz in the dream.

we chit-chat a lot in reality. there's a fren, she's in her thirties, she has a hubby and a son but still having an affair with a young guy in his early twenties (well, that's according to my other frenz, i didn't really see it myself =.=) but, isn't that bad? i dunno who started 1st but since she's my fren, and my pa ma's fren's daughter, i feel that i should do something to make it right (how busybody i am! *swt*). i pretended that i want to know some new guys to be friend with, and ask her to introduce. she said she doesn't have guys to introduce at first. but then the next day, she asked for my pic and said there's one guy she wants to introduce to me. my other frenz and me knew which guy is that, but her reaction is still very weird in front of us.

back to the dream, i chat with her. she's very opened and told me that she wanted to be with that guy and not willing to let that guy to be frenz with me. i was angry. angry of wat? i've no idea. i went to the washroom later on. when i'm doing my tiny little business, i suddenly realized that i didn't lock the door. in my fastest speed, i locked the door, but out of nowhere, i saw a little girl's left eye peeping through a hole (it's a big and pretty eyes, how i know it's a left eye? -.- no comment). i knew there's no hole in the washroom but in my spontaneous reaction, i still shout out 'there's someone in the washroom!'. the eye dissapear, i stood up quickly but bang into a kid who's standing behind me, in that small washroom (WTH!). i yelled, and he yelled too! then he giggled (crazy kid!) he's around 5 years old, with a dark skin colour and a pair of big eyes. 1st impression, he's cute. deep down my heart, i knew he's a toyol, but wonder why, i'm not afraid of him. i treat him like other normal young kid, i kept asking how he came into the washroom. he said he's been following me from the 1st floor, the room where i work, and he's sitting on my shoulder all the time (sounds like THE SHUTTER huh? hahahahaha!). then we went out the washroom.

(the scene changed again after that...)

3rd scene
i knew i'm still there, but this time i saw that toyol playing with another lady. a tall and elegant lady, wearing a fancy dress, with curly short hair, gold in colour. in this scene, i'm just like standing beside, watching a movie. that's a cow-boy type of movie. that lady finally also realized that little kid's a toyol. then, again, out of nowhere, i heard someone talking to me, explaining to me that, that toyol won't harm me, it's harmless. that person is just standing in front of me, but dunno why, i can only hear what he says, can't see how he looks like.

(the hp alarm woke me up soon after that person explained to me...)

for the first time, i could remember the whole dream and dreamt all of it. i had this dream in the morning, after 6.30am, after my younger sister woke me up to ask me what's the time i'll be going to work. the dream end on 8.30am.

i told pa ma. ma asked me whether got asked for numbers from that toyol -.-".

i told my frenz. they said i think too much, too stress.

am i stress? well, i'm very sure that i'm not as stress as i was a few weeks ago. but, it could be, right?

sometimes, dream could be a msg to our life, isn't it?

i've found this cool website about dreams -

it says:

To dream of your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-husband/wife or that you and your ex got back together suggests that something or someone in your current life that is bringing out similar feelings you felt during the relationship with your ex. Sometimes, past lovers often highlight the positive experiences you had with that person.

To see your own eyes in your dream signifies knowledge, understanding and intellectual awareness. To dream that something is in your eye symbolizes obstacles in your path. It may also represent your critical ways. To dream that you only have one eye indicates that you refuse to see the viewpoints of others. To dream that you have crossed eyes denotes that you are not seeing straight with regards to a situation and you may be getting your facts mixed up.

To dream that someone or something is evil denotes a repressed or forbidden aspect of yourself. This dream may also be a reflection of your strong, negative emotions like anger, hate, etc.

hmm... it's almost like what i figured. in the 1st scene, i dreamt about my 3rd ex, maybe it's telling me that i can't help everyone everytime. i can't fix everything if it's already getting into shape. my 3rd ex is one of the example, and i'm now doing the same as what i'd done during my 3rd relationship.

okay, now i know where i'm stepping into. this dream really comes in time ^.^ as a fren, as an adult, i can just hope that my fren has a mature brain to think about her own incident.


Today is Sunday, and BB Cherlyn's here! she's one month old d! haha! Like a vampire, she sleeps during day time and damn active during night time. another siao cha bor appears in Chia family -.-' i'm now listening to the song i'd downloaded, at the same time, i'm also listening to the song she 'sings'. well, we must keep her awake during day time. so, what to do? i rather choose to listen her 'singing' now. it's always better than enjoying it in the middle of the night, right?

now, Fish Leong's <会呼吸的痛> is in the air, very sweet, very nice =) going to join a vocal lesson on december. besides being a piano teacher, am i going to be successful in being a vocal teacher? well, everything depends on how i learn during the lesson -- (^o^)V -- PEACE!!!