Sunday, October 26, 2008

bye-bye laptop!

today, i'm going to lend my laptop to my sister.

~who's staying in kangar
~who's very very boring till always take her bb's pic then send to all of us (hehe!)
~who's home sick at this moment
~who's going to be back to sp only on 8th of nov

OMG!!!!! she's home sick, then i'm sure i'll laptop sick soon! how many days har... (6o6)! 9 days ler..T.T but it's ok ler~ i still got books to study here ^.^

talking about my study, today i'm doing better than last few weeks. my presentation's finally approved by ah sir (of course with some of his help =P ), demo oso improved, although just a little bit, i'm still happy with it^^ everything's going fine today except the viva voce. dang! my responses were slow just now, and i also don't have enough details about music teaching. T.T still need to read more books ler...

exam is just around the corner, and i still need to work harder on it. am i going to go through this level? am i going to attend the convo once again? well, it's all on my hands. i'll do my best, well, i must do my best. but if i still fail in this exam, i'm not going to regret nor ashame of it. at least i did my best and i'd learnt many things during these 2 years (^++^) good luck to myself!

Monday, October 20, 2008

crazy monday

got lotsa cherlyn's pics these days, taken by her mommy, my sista. today they're transferring bb from spg ampat to kangar T.T~ a long trip from sp =.="

before setting off, bb stay at home for about 2 hours. i postponed one of my student just to rush back to see her. i think i'm the craziest teacher in depiano house, the only one -.-

she's very strong and steady, doesn't like ppl wrapping her like a cocoon(tht's what her paternal granny told us). her maternal granny wanted to see her reaction, so she wrapped her with a cloth.

i carried her, nothing happened.

i put her down, she started to struggle... struggle till her face red, yet the cloth's still around her.

she stopped struggling. i thought she's going to 'sing' but she didn't. i thought she's going to give up but she didn't. she's resting. then she continues. (damn it! she's tough!)

okay, she succeeded finally. the cloth's loosened. when i unwrapped her, she smiled. (awww! wicked child! wakakaka!)

"must work hard~ only can win" a hokkien song, suits her.


~bb: huu... smile oso say i'm wicked...~

~bb: give one smile, everything will be alright~

~bb: psst...u...ya...u....wat r u looking at?? omg, it's coming...coming...!~


~bb: i'm ultra bb! don't u dare come near me!!!! shooo~ go away!~

~bb: stop it! stop it!! don't say any word!!! i dun wan to listen!!!!!plzzzzzz!!~

~bb: the best daddy in the world!~

~bb: uhmmm...mommy...very comfortable lor...~

Friday, October 17, 2008

speechless, let bb says everything

i'd stopped writing since 10th of oct... 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17... today's 17th of oct. it's the 8th day since my bb niece joined our family ^.^ she was taken out from my elder sister's tummy on 10th of oct. Went to visit her on Friday(10/10), Sunday(12/10), Tuesday(14/10), and even thursday(16/10).

~bb: Yhello! i'm the bb whom my 2nd aunt mentioned earlier on! i just came out from somewhere very dark...~

~bb: y are they wrapping me like this? so tight! i want to move! i want my freedom back! in that dark place i can turn here turn there...why now i can't?!~

~bb: i'm a girl?! really?! UNBELIEVABLE!!! aiyo, nurse ah! that day u kacau me and forced me to open my eyes just want to take this pic? tell me earlier ma! i'll give you a nicer pose to capture!~

~bb: i heard my mommy they all said i can go home today. yeay! but, what is 'home' har?!~

~bb: my daddy mommy! they'd decided to name me as Cherlyn! yeee~eehhh~ i'm now at home, i have a name^^ not really sure what are they, but i'm happy to have them =)~

~bb: now, let me introduce my noisy maternal family. they're really noisy lar! always ask me to open my eyes!~

1st, my grandpa ah kong.

2nd, granny ah ma

3rd, buaya er yi

4th, suahu san yi

~bb: i heard that i have 2 ah ku le! where are they har?! they don't want to hug me meh????~

Thursday, October 9, 2008

simple life

-'Goldfish lose their color if they are kept in a dim light or are placed in a body of running water, such as a stream. They remain gold when kept in a pond or in a bowl with adequate illumination.'-

6o6? is that true? goldfish will lose their skin color if not taken care properly? so cute! should do some experiments then^^

watched 'drumline' this afternoon. fu-yoh! the rhythm, is so... erm... it lightened me up, really! the actors and actresses're so cool!!!!! watched a few times d, but it never failed lightening up my day =)

started to work since yesterday, today's the 2nd day, tomorrow's the 3rd day and i'll be working the whole day -.- rather scary coz i'm afraid that i'll feel sleepy in the afternoon. that'll make me suffer half of the day -.-' hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Late at night

today's the 9th day of 'nine king coconut' festival (well, Li Ting corrected me from calling this festival as 'nine king granpa' ^^). it's the last day of this festival.

i took quite a lot of pictures.

while waiting for the parade of sending the god and goddess back to heaven to start, these were the things i did in my car:

1) took pictures with Sheau Chin

2) Self-capture (just had a little hair cut in the evening)

alright! alright! going to vomit after seeing all these? let's change the view to~~~~~~~~~

the PARADE!!!!!!!!!

~wah! tht 'mata' damn chio!~

~'guanyinma' is coming~

~'she' is 'on' a guy~

~'accidentally' saw this cool bike~

~it looks like the bike in 'baja hitam' movie ler~

~'accidentally' met Li Ting and Yu Fang^^~

~after the parade~


Good night! ^.^