Friday, October 17, 2008

speechless, let bb says everything

i'd stopped writing since 10th of oct... 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17... today's 17th of oct. it's the 8th day since my bb niece joined our family ^.^ she was taken out from my elder sister's tummy on 10th of oct. Went to visit her on Friday(10/10), Sunday(12/10), Tuesday(14/10), and even thursday(16/10).

~bb: Yhello! i'm the bb whom my 2nd aunt mentioned earlier on! i just came out from somewhere very dark...~

~bb: y are they wrapping me like this? so tight! i want to move! i want my freedom back! in that dark place i can turn here turn there...why now i can't?!~

~bb: i'm a girl?! really?! UNBELIEVABLE!!! aiyo, nurse ah! that day u kacau me and forced me to open my eyes just want to take this pic? tell me earlier ma! i'll give you a nicer pose to capture!~

~bb: i heard my mommy they all said i can go home today. yeay! but, what is 'home' har?!~

~bb: my daddy mommy! they'd decided to name me as Cherlyn! yeee~eehhh~ i'm now at home, i have a name^^ not really sure what are they, but i'm happy to have them =)~

~bb: now, let me introduce my noisy maternal family. they're really noisy lar! always ask me to open my eyes!~

1st, my grandpa ah kong.

2nd, granny ah ma

3rd, buaya er yi

4th, suahu san yi

~bb: i heard that i have 2 ah ku le! where are they har?! they don't want to hug me meh????~


Kochi said...

her uncle can't hug here from here. Wish to hug her but guess have to wait for another 1 year wuwuwuuuuu......where is the little uncle??

Livvie said...

he ahh...dunno him. always stand beside only. maybe he's afraid of carrying a bb, she's very soft ler! hehe!