Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finding Mosquitoes [寻找蚊子记]

kok nen and yee lung are searching for mosquitoes, while my elder sis's feeding cherlyn, while i'm helping nothing but writing this blog right here, right now.

the mosquitoes in my house fly so fast. we're afraid of:
  1. hitting the mosquitoes too loud, as Cherlyn will cry even louder than our hitting sound
  2. didn't hit the mosquitoes hard enough to cause them dead
  3. shut down the fan, as Cherlyn dislike hot environment
  4. didn't shut down the fan, as the mosquitoes will fly even faster
Cherlyn's the QUEEN of the house now. she's 4 months old d (10/2/09), and one of her favourite activities during day and night time is crying. but today she's in a good mood ^.^ can hear her laughing sound. so CUTE!!!!!

Cherlyn's pictures again!

and here's the pic of the day~

~Big Eyes Tiffany (wednesday's student)~

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chap Goh Meh

090209 = Chap Goh Meh = the last day of CNY = chinese valentine's day

got some presents

some candies from Megan, Desmond;

chewing gum from Yong Ying;

and a teddy bear from Eileen, Celine(twins).

Eileen and Celine said they sew this teddy by themselves. (@o@)3

1st time, 1st gift from them, and they wrote my surname wrongly... =.=" i'm Miss Chia, not Miss Cheah k?

however, i like this gift very much^^ thank you!

it's 1.21am now. Chinese New Year is over d, refresh... refresh...

1st day of CNY
  • went for a movie (The Wedding Game) with family at Sunway Carnival

we're thinking of going to penang but it's so damn jammed, which caused us: (take a deep breathe)
stucked half way; became camwhore while waiting for the ferry (soli pa, ma, nen), took a U-Turn back to Butterworth; celebrated our 1st day of Chinese Niu Year at Sunway Carnival.

2nd day of CNY
  • went to da gu's (pa's sis) house in Alor Setar

GAMBLING!!! *wink*wink*
i love this part the most! family reunion!
  • went out with cousins

planned to sing k at K-box but it's all fully booked. ok, what to do... play games ler of coz! haha! it's been a long time never touched these machines!! then, big bro treated us dinner^^

3rd day of CNY
  • primary school's gathering

a sudden decision to held this gathering, but at least still can gathered quite a number of old pals, meeting them at new old town beside Keat Hwa in Alor Setar. got only this pic(girls), gonna get other pics from shu ting and phaik ying later on...
  • met up with a new friend (Joshua) in Sungai Petani.
a nice person to chat with. glad to know him coz he shared many of his ideas with me^^

4th day of CNY
  • family reunion again, in Sungai Petani.

pa's bro and sis take turns to held this activity, so it's our turn on the fourth day of every chinese new year. youngsters: gambling, playing mahjong; elders: cooking, chit-chating, singing...
  • gathering! gathering! (SP - Seventeen)

musical friends~ we all met up coz of music^^

an unexpected one... Chuen Take, chat once or twice through msn, met sometimes during tuition when we're still in our secondary... and now we're sitting together to take pic?! haha! another friendly guy though! nice to see u there, Chuen Take!

5th day of CNY
  • ...????
taking care of my little naughty devil niece and work during evening. going no where. resting.

6th day of CNY
  • paying a visit to Teacher Lee's new house

Teacher Lee...a sweet sweet teacher during primary school. taught me since standard 1 till standard 5 in Keat Hwa (H), Alor Setar.
  • went to Sunway Carnival (again), to watch another movie (ka yau hei xi) with friends.
hmm... i like old [ka yau hei xi] more, however, it's still a funny movie afterall^^

7th day of CNY
  • a sudden visit, by Shun Tyng and Kelly
SHOCKED! my house's still a mess when i got a surprised call from Shun Tyng. she said,'i'm going to your house now with Kelly!' omgomgomgomgomgomgomg! i was very nervous as i jz woke up and i could say tht, tht's the 1st time i tidy up my house not more than 15 mins! *SWT*
went out with them to another friend's house. not really know that guy (wei jie) but at least we met for some times in Sin Min, hehe! forgot to take pics with them (T.T) ... had laksa and ais kacang for teatime with Shun Tyng as Shu Hui's not at home (planned to visit her at 1st), then went to Shun Tyng's house. and guess wat? i'd to face a little monster at her house (^o^)

~little monster(Eileen-Shun Tyng's niece), Shun Tyng and me~

it's so nice of her family... Shun Tyng's dad bought me dinner to have it at their house^^


8th day of CNY
  • Pai Ti Kong

pa's khek + ma's hokkien = pai ti kong

my leg's hurt when bringing out the fruits... bleeding a little... but it's still hurt... T.T~ luckily, mahjong cures everything. hehehehehehe!


start to work since the 9th day of CNY. my convocation is coming up next. heard that it'll be held on 25th of april at Legend Hotel, KL. well... my graduation invitation's still on my ah sir's hand what... got to know the venue from a friend of mine (Ashley). out of a sudden, i feel so lucky to pass my LLCM(TD) last year (2008) ^-^ thank god! and thank you too! mr. 'lamb' 'bird'!!!

cute moo moo! necklace? bracelet? dunno ler! hehe! it caught my attention, and makes me feel wana put it here^^ just to share a pretty pic =)

Good Night~~~~~~~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My First Time ^-^

on the 8th day of chinese niu year, my younger bro hold a cooking competition out of a sudden, to compete with me.

the dish that i prepared: 1) eggs 2) hotdogs

the dish that my bro prepared: 1) fish balls 2) hotdogs

who's the winner? aiyer... no need to mention it here la! =P the main purpose i write this blog is just to remember my 1st time. it's my 1st time to cook a 'proper' dish! haha! tried once, to cook a successful fried rice years ago but it's not successful at all ~T.T~ so i never step into the kitchen until now... just a 1st runner up but at least my family praised while finishing the whole plate ^.^

tonight Cherlyn cried a lot. a bit headache with her -.-' but she's getting cuter nowadays. so cute until i don't even know how to put it into words ^^

hehe! love to take her pics a lot. u know... the feel... when she looks at u and smile...foooh!!! so sweeeeet!!! >.<

took pics with one of my wednesday student today. a transferred student, talkative and pretty 7-year-old kid =)

ok. before i end my today's blog, there's one more pic to show.

nice pic huh! dunno where to buy it... got this pic from Canlyn's friendster, a friend that i knew in music jamboree 2007.