Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finding Mosquitoes [寻找蚊子记]

kok nen and yee lung are searching for mosquitoes, while my elder sis's feeding cherlyn, while i'm helping nothing but writing this blog right here, right now.

the mosquitoes in my house fly so fast. we're afraid of:
  1. hitting the mosquitoes too loud, as Cherlyn will cry even louder than our hitting sound
  2. didn't hit the mosquitoes hard enough to cause them dead
  3. shut down the fan, as Cherlyn dislike hot environment
  4. didn't shut down the fan, as the mosquitoes will fly even faster
Cherlyn's the QUEEN of the house now. she's 4 months old d (10/2/09), and one of her favourite activities during day and night time is crying. but today she's in a good mood ^.^ can hear her laughing sound. so CUTE!!!!!

Cherlyn's pictures again!

and here's the pic of the day~

~Big Eyes Tiffany (wednesday's student)~

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