Thursday, February 5, 2009

My First Time ^-^

on the 8th day of chinese niu year, my younger bro hold a cooking competition out of a sudden, to compete with me.

the dish that i prepared: 1) eggs 2) hotdogs

the dish that my bro prepared: 1) fish balls 2) hotdogs

who's the winner? aiyer... no need to mention it here la! =P the main purpose i write this blog is just to remember my 1st time. it's my 1st time to cook a 'proper' dish! haha! tried once, to cook a successful fried rice years ago but it's not successful at all ~T.T~ so i never step into the kitchen until now... just a 1st runner up but at least my family praised while finishing the whole plate ^.^

tonight Cherlyn cried a lot. a bit headache with her -.-' but she's getting cuter nowadays. so cute until i don't even know how to put it into words ^^

hehe! love to take her pics a lot. u know... the feel... when she looks at u and smile...foooh!!! so sweeeeet!!! >.<

took pics with one of my wednesday student today. a transferred student, talkative and pretty 7-year-old kid =)

ok. before i end my today's blog, there's one more pic to show.

nice pic huh! dunno where to buy it... got this pic from Canlyn's friendster, a friend that i knew in music jamboree 2007.


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