Friday, January 9, 2009

1st blog in 2009

time passes so fast... welcome mr. 2009, are u my mr. right? hmm... i'll just leave it to the time, to prove everything.

there're lotsa things happened during 2008

sour @ sweet @ bitter @ spicy

but thanks to u mr. 2008, i'd learnt lotsa things. buh-bey!

worrying so many things the whole year, malacca's the only place i'd visited in 2008 during christmas and had lotsa fun there.

the four girls who went to malacca together. from left:
  • chiew ting - the person who prepared our lunch in A Famosa.
  • saw ling - the person who suggested to visit malacca and booked our resting place (Beverly Hills in A Famosa; Kancil Guest House in malacca town).
  • li wei (me ^^) - the person who drove from SP-KL-MALACCA-KL-SP (shir fang helped a little on the journey from KL-MALACCA).
  • shir fang - the person who planned everything for the trip.
took lotsa pictures there...


and these were the things i bought back from malacca for my family

-chinese zodiac paper cut: monkey-pa ma, goat-elder sis, cow-me, tiger-kok king, dragon-zhi li, rooster-kok nen, horse-yee lung, mouse-cherlyn; chinese zodiac chocolates; 2 monkey and cow's small jade-

before christmas trip, megan invited me to a christmas party at her house. so, who's megan?

see the girl in white behind me? tht's megan, my sweet sweet student. thanks for the invitation =)

it's 11.50pm now. cherlyn's going to be 3 months old after 10 minutes.

according to the 'Rekod Kesihatan Dan Perkembangan Kanak-kanak', babies who're 0-2 months membalas senyuman (tht's true coz cherlyn smiles whenever we talk to her, well, to be more accurate, it depends on her mood -.-); babies who're 2.5-5 months meniarap dan menelentang (hmm... cherlyn girl, i'm waiting for u to crawl to me everytime when i'm back from work^^)

oh yeah! it's 12.24am d! happy 3-months-old, cherlyn! happy birthday to vera too!


Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~uu~
Happy birthday to you~~~~~

ok. night night!

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Kochi said...

I can't wait for the time when Cherlyn will call me "Da Jiu"