Monday, December 8, 2008

Jazz Festival 2008 (Penang)

went to Jazz Festival 2008 yesterday with shir fang, elaine and kim yong. we set off at 9.30 am and reach there at about 10.30am. they are holding a very cool but hot activity during that time - cool because the rhythm they played on all sorts of percussion are very enjoyable; hot because this activity is held under the hot sun ^-^

~from left: elaine, me, kim yong, shir fang~

we attended an indoor activity too. the way the vietnamese introduced their instruments, how they add-on their tradition into a jazzy piece and the use of pentatonic scales in the melody, sounds very interesting to me if compared to others, and more over, they sound nice :)

~bamboo xylophone - 'trung' ~

~performances during day time and night time by vietnamese~

~KOREAN!!! 3 guys in a group, a double bass player(left), drummer(right), pianist(with the hat).~

the double bass player and the drummer were eating when i requested to take a pic with them. see, they're still holding popcorn and beer =P they are all very friendly, even their photographer too! i was impressed with their performance, especially the pianist. he's blind but he played very well on the piano. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

here're the lunch my friends and i took yesterday.

location: Pastamania at Gurney Plaza.

~i'd ordered a plate of tuna and bacon, and a passion fruit italian soda. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.~

the desserts are tasty! we ordered 1 Banna Pizza Dessert and 1 Chocolate Mousse.

~Banana Pizza Dessert. YUM! YUM!~

but they sent us another 3 more desserts for free! ^3^

~Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu and Coffee Creme Brulee! OMG!!! SUPER YUM YUM!!!!~

at the beginning, they free for us only the choc mousse and tiramisu, then they add on another 'free' dessert - 'coffee creme brulee'. ^^

so, why they gave us for free? are we that pretty to influence them to treat us? hahahahahaha! hopefully yes but that's not the reason. the main reason was, they served one of our dishes late, and that's why they treated us these desserts, in order to apology to us. hmmm... are we lucky or what, in this kind of situation? we're all very full after taking the pasta, and yet, they still sent us all these free desserts *swt* well, we're lucky i guess, coz these desserts aren't cheap for us: Choc mousse(RM 6.50), Tiramisu(RM 6.90), Coffee Creme Brulee(RM 6.50).

now, let's see these 4 lucky person -

~from left: shir fang, me, kim yong, elaine~

having great time on 7/12/08 with u guys =) what a enjoyable trip to penang.

here here... before i end my blog for today, here're the latest bb lynn's pic again ^^

she's so adorable!!!!!! hehe! muak! muak! muak!

ok, good night.

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Somehow cherlyn looks like ah nen when he was sweet....