Friday, December 5, 2008

LLCM examination day [[ 051208 ]]

really hard to describe how i felt this morning.

sometimes confident, sometimes nervous;
sometimes could ease myself into this kind of situation, sometimes couldn't.

the venue for today's exam is in penang. i was so afraid that i :
- forgot to bring the flash cards;
- forgot to bring the books for the presentation;
- forgot to bring those photocopies which i'd prepared for the examiner;
- forgot to bring the note book to revise everything . . .

tu-diaaaaa... almost crazy ler... but luckily when i went into the exam hall, everything's back to normal again, and i even find myself doing better in demo and presentation and felt more comfortable than the other days ^-^ in the viva voce section, the examiner talked to me more than asking me questions. ermm... it's like i'm having lesson, not sitting for exam. i knew that i'm not doing that well in this part, but i'm really glad that i did my best today =)

this examiner is a guy and his name is . . . MR. RICHARD 'LAMB' 'BIRD'. sorry mr. examiner, for not knowing how to spell your name =P

after the exam, evelyn and i went for a movie - 'Madagascar 2' in gurney plaza. evelyn is the one who acts as a model in my demo. while searching for a place to park the car, i banged into a car, and wasted RM 250 to solve this case without reporting to the police -.-" after tht incident, we still kept on with our plan. i'd bought a photo frame for bb cherlyn and also a birthday card for king kochi. king, very touching huh? hehe!

we went back at 6pm and i received a sudden call from ah sir. it's a good news, but i must keep it as a secret for a few days or maybe a few months ^+++^ while waiting for the ferry and chatting with evelyn in the car, an English man suddenly waved and smiled at me. that really shocked me but i smiled back at him later on. at least this time i'm more polite than a few weeks ago, while i talked on the phone while driving, there's a young malay guy ard my age, sitting behind his friend on a motorcycle, also did the same thing, but i just looked at him without smiling. that's really rude isn't it? but pa ma said dun simply smile at strangers . . . so . . . should i smile, or not???? =.="

this is evelyn. this pic is taken in the car while waiting for the ferry.

these are bb lynn's latest pic, took it just now. she's one month old d lor ^O^

many things happened in one day, and i'm feeling really tired now. slept for only 5 hours in 2 days . . . =.= ZzZzzz Good Night.


CHAN - M3 said...

well.....after the exam so IS TIME TO RELAX
haha....go to massage,fish spa or some fitness center and enjoy it.

5 hours really no enough leh~ ~ ~

Kochi said...

oooo so touched and i hope i could get it before my birthday. Nyahahaha