Sunday, October 26, 2008

bye-bye laptop!

today, i'm going to lend my laptop to my sister.

~who's staying in kangar
~who's very very boring till always take her bb's pic then send to all of us (hehe!)
~who's home sick at this moment
~who's going to be back to sp only on 8th of nov

OMG!!!!! she's home sick, then i'm sure i'll laptop sick soon! how many days har... (6o6)! 9 days ler..T.T but it's ok ler~ i still got books to study here ^.^

talking about my study, today i'm doing better than last few weeks. my presentation's finally approved by ah sir (of course with some of his help =P ), demo oso improved, although just a little bit, i'm still happy with it^^ everything's going fine today except the viva voce. dang! my responses were slow just now, and i also don't have enough details about music teaching. T.T still need to read more books ler...

exam is just around the corner, and i still need to work harder on it. am i going to go through this level? am i going to attend the convo once again? well, it's all on my hands. i'll do my best, well, i must do my best. but if i still fail in this exam, i'm not going to regret nor ashame of it. at least i did my best and i'd learnt many things during these 2 years (^++^) good luck to myself!

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