Monday, October 6, 2008

Unforgettable Friday

today's monday, 2 more days before i start to work again.

thought i'll be wasting my time again on TV programmes-.- but luckilly i did something - cleaning up my house in the evening, writing blog at night :) watching a horror movie actually while writing this blog. it's about a girl who's trapped in somewhere dark, planned by her sis and friends. they thought this is funny but that poor girl's scared to death and killed all of them.

-the end-


having quite a lot of fun during the 'penang 1 day trip' with my old pals on Friday.

we had breakfast in UTC, sp before setting off. Shin Yen, Shieh Yee and I had a great experience 'sona-ing' in my car while waiting for Sheau Chin to interview her new job. we went to gurney to have lunch, and kept on with our plan, to sing in redbox. unfortunately, everyone's free during holiday, the rooms were all booked. we're in awaiting list then... -.- okay, in the end, we're still on with our plan, not in penang, but in pacific in butterworth. it's a happy ending after all ^.^


saturday's the day i'm rather afraid of these few months, because sunday's just behind it. i need to prepare my assignments ready for my tomorrow's lessons. so, there's nothing really special happened on that day. it's a 'peaceful' but 'scary' day for me.... -.-'

nite nite~

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Anonymous said...

so funny la when i look back d photo, i cant believe i oso can hv tis posture, haha!

quite enjoyable with u all, hopefully we can go out again n maybe that time is i fetch u all go(wait i renew my lesen, but still want u all point out d direction, paiseh la, i m d "lu ci"hehe:)
shieh yee^^