Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet Sunday

噢美国!(omg!) accidentally typed in chinese just now and guess what? it came out nicely with these '噢美国' . funny, hehe!

just woke up a few hours ago -.-

from 11 am onwards i went to prai to have my pedagogy lessons(3 lessons overall); pg just to fetch my mum and sis back from prangin -.-'; dropped by at raja uda to have our early dinner; back home and slept for an hour -.-" (having a rather bad headache when i reached home just now, that's y my plan to sleep for only half an hour's totally ruined...T.T)

now we're ended up in starbucks again, mum joined us this time coz she's afraid of staying at home alone! ^.^ we had apple and orange juice only coz we're going to have vege food for the last 3 days of 'nine king grandpa' festival.

alright, guess i'll have to stop here tonight as my sis's 'anxious' to go to washroom now.

-to be continue-

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