Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Late at night

today's the 9th day of 'nine king coconut' festival (well, Li Ting corrected me from calling this festival as 'nine king granpa' ^^). it's the last day of this festival.

i took quite a lot of pictures.

while waiting for the parade of sending the god and goddess back to heaven to start, these were the things i did in my car:

1) took pictures with Sheau Chin

2) Self-capture (just had a little hair cut in the evening)

alright! alright! going to vomit after seeing all these? let's change the view to~~~~~~~~~

the PARADE!!!!!!!!!

~wah! tht 'mata' damn chio!~

~'guanyinma' is coming~

~'she' is 'on' a guy~

~'accidentally' saw this cool bike~

~it looks like the bike in 'baja hitam' movie ler~

~'accidentally' met Li Ting and Yu Fang^^~

~after the parade~


Good night! ^.^

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