Thursday, March 5, 2009

food >> incident >> baby

~a pretty dessert: MUD PIE (home made ice-cream cake with fruit coulis)~

went to River of Flavours at Lagenda Heights with Miss Mei and Vera soon after our working hours. it's about 10pm. i know there're rules for girls saying that: no eating after 7pm or else you'll get fat easily. but, look into the picture... how can i resist it...~*oo*~ cake, my favourite; ice-cream, my favourite... so...


makanlah of coz! hehe! it's just simply DELICIOUS!!! >.<

talking about food, let me add on some more, about what i'd took on sunday afternoon [1/3/09]..

~1) Ko-rok-ke 日本式火乍饼~

~2) 鳗鱼饭~

~3) UDON Soup(Seaweed+Meat) UDON(汤)海带+肉~ [forgot to take pic on the main dish =P]

~4) Sushi(Tuna) 寿司(金枪鱼)~

~5) Okonomiyaki Pizza(Cuttle Fish) 烧饼(墨鱼)~ [forgot to take pic again..]

Total: RM 44.00

i found it rather cheap lor ^.^

it's a home-like japanese restaurant in Patani Jaya.

we're the only customers on that day and we were served by 3 friendly women. from that day on, i found that, japanese food are tasty too... (used to reject it.. *blush*)

alright, that's the end of the food section.

this morning, i went for a morning walk with ma. my right leg hurts coz of not wearing a longer sock.

tiny little injury but it's painful... especially when i walked down the stairs T.T



she's a queen; she's a darling ^3^

~her favourite toy~

-the end-


Kochi said...

chubi chubi cherlyn!!!!
You all always makan so good one~~~~

SaSa said...

ceh, u always go somewhere fun one~~~~

Livvie said...

kochi, u stay in russia eat russia good food i still haven't say anything ler. next year bring us go to eat ya!