Saturday, March 7, 2009

saturday night

hmmm... should be practicing piano now... but ended up writing blog here... =.=

my piano is just next door, ma don't allow me to go there practice alone, especially during night time... T.T need to attend my own class tomorrow... how am i going to face ah sir???? i'm still not familiar with any pieces yet ler...

hmm..hmm... what to do.. just can continue writing this blog lor... tomorrow will practice after morning walk with ma, kelly(elder sis), sherrie(younger sis) and bb Cherlyn


yesterday night went to Seventeen, with mr. joshua tan-伟强, a guy whom i just met during chinese niu year.

it's our 5th meeting actually. 1st meeting at The Sense; 2nd meeting at a restaurant(dunno wat name is it) at patani jaya; 3rd meeting at Eupe (tmn. ria jaya); 4th meeting at a gym centre; and 5th meeting at Seventeen.

funny thing happened when we went out for lunch during the 3rd meeting in Eupe. an indian guy came up and asked us to buy school books for children *swt* elo...we look more like brother and sister rather than a sweet couple k? =.="

well, i'm not trying to promote him here. but, he's really tall, smart, friendly, and moreover, he's not stingy to share his knowledge ^.^ really glad to have him as a friend


just now chit-chat with king kochi, my younger brother in russia through skype.

he didn't come back to m'sia for about a year d. this is the way we take pics with him! hehe!



chow chow

they're cute! especially pomeranian. it's such a beauty!

i love dogs, but i'm also afraid of dogs =.=

no idea why i'm like that...


good night

-the end-


Kochi said...

That indian thought u guys were parents ma.....not bro and sis ngehahahahaha

Livvie said...

do i look that old?! omgomgomgomgomg!

xSeries said...

your hair ftw... it makes me feel like grabbing a lawn mower and trim them off XDXD. Pls don buy cheap wig. I can lend u my house mop.

Livvie said...

kanasai! xSeries! muahahahahaha! who the hell r u ?! u sound like my eldest cousin bro - kok lim! mouth full of shyt! ngekekekekeke!