Thursday, September 18, 2008

a bad day???

jz finished watching 'Golden String' last week, and was attracted to 'Ave Maria' composed by Schubert.

i was thinking of buying Schubert's CD collection, but today, juz a few minutes ago, i found it in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, when i was studying Czerny's biography... (woooohooooo~~ i'm really doing my homework~~ ngiek ngiek!)

and here's the problem, i can't put this song into my WMP. i'd followed every instructions, but it's still the same =.=' i'm such a noob! T.T~

oh well, tht's nothing to me anyway. the worst part of my today's life is *ten ten ten ten* MY WORK!!

there're many kinds of student, this is the kind which can cause my head nearly explode *pi-po-pi-po-pi-po-pi-po*

- she is not bad in playing piano
- she is lazy to practice at home
- she is afraid of taking exams
(aiya, almost all my students also have these characteristics! including me too =P)
here're the most hatred parts:
- she is a 'follower', ask him a simple Q he/she also can think till holand =.=
- her parents want to give freedom to him, put all responsibilities unto the teacher, not giving
any coorperation at home, always know how to ask 'u think my daughter/son can do it or
not?'or always waiting for me to complain about their children

elooo? if wan to see result, at least put some pressure to ur children laaaaaaaaaa!!!! @#%$%^&%^&@#$%^ not sitting for the exam nevermind, i wan to kam-sia u tim! but, at least ask them to practice at home for some time, sit down n listen, praise them if they're playing good PURRRRRLIZZZZZZ!!!!

i see them only once a week, only 45 minutes le! giving ur precious child nice @ fun @ interesting pieces to play, n they didn't practice at home, u use ur brain to think think, ermm... use butt to think also know they can't get any good improvement la! if wan to give them tht so-called 'FREEDOM', but still wan to see good result, y dun u let ur children to stay with me?! keep on with ur 'good parent' image, and let me be the bad person who always putting an eye on them to practice piano everyday, use all kinds of method to cultivate their interest in music! good idea?!


hmmmph! hmmph! hmmph!

the conclusion of this blog:

I dunno how to teach this type of student ler T.T ~ i'm such a tai-B teacher! keep on being patience? or let tht student go? if let her go, i need to say 'bye bye' to my salary neh...=.= it's decreasing this month.. but if not, what else can i do? let her play games every week? hmmm... no idea. 'see one step walk one step' la~

good night!

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