Thursday, September 25, 2008

in the middle of the night

it's very late now...but i'm still awake =.=...

Mr. H asked me out juz now. he talked quite a lot, about his life, his job.

i never knew that there'll be so much tragedy in one person's life. this is the 1st time i met this kind of person. if his story's true, i feel v sorry to him... well, good luck to him in everything then~

i'm late again, to write my yesterday's blog...

23/9 Tuesday

it's been a busy day for me:
  • 9.45 am-10.45 am: went for yoga lesson soon after i woke up.

  • 11 am-2.15 pm: wrote my '4 days blog'.

  • 2.30 pm-4 pm: went out to give lesson.

  • 4.15 pm-6.15 pm: clean up my house.

  • 6.30 pm-12 am: went to watch movie 'Money No Enough 2' with friends at prai.

v glad coz i didn't missed my usual plan - cleaning up my house on tuesday ^^

heard some rumours about that movie's not interesting. uh-well, my own opinion, it's quite funny for some parts and it touched my heart on how they treat their mother, Lai Meng. i cried, without tears dropping down my cheeks. i was thinking, will i treat my parents like how they treat? oh no. i love my parents. i promise i'll take care of them when they're old. i've succeeded arranging my time for my family, my friends, my job, and my studies. i admit that i'm a lazy person, i don't do any house work except tuesday as that day's my off day. but i hope that my tiny little help could help my mum to reduce her work a little, to help my dad to save some money on hiring a house maid. they're working too hard although they're in their 50's =.=

saw this while i'm on the way to yoga lesson


hope to get one for my new house ^++^

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