Sunday, September 14, 2008

The day before Mid-Autumn Festival

this is about yesterday...

yesterday morning, i saw many corpses

this was my breakfast - "dau3 sa3 pao1". see anything? let me focus nearer

see it now? ant's corpses. yum yum! protein! ngiek ngiek ngiek!
i think they're thinking of commit suicide, as their corpses didn't reach the "dau3 sa1" , as though they're "purposely" staying there to wait this "pao1" to get heat ==

so, how i ate it? hmm...i love "dau3 sa1" lotz~ it's a waste if threw it away immediately.

this is the way i ate:

1. took a spoon
2. dug out the "dau3 sa1" from the "pao1"
3. checked through to confirm there're no corpses
4. opened my mouth
5. ate it
after taking these steps, i threw the "ant's coffin" away.
luckily i got another spare "healthy pao1" there. if not, i guess my best fren - gastric will visit me again ==
we're the "stripe gang" of the day~

from the left: teacher, mr. pai sei lang(tht's wat he called himself), miss wong

oww..aren't mr. pai sei lang and miss wong cute?? ^-^" they're my 2nd class on saturday.
during night time, Mr. E invited me to have dinner with him.

our dinner at Secret Recipe:
1) Chicken Cordon Blue
2) New York Cheese Cake
3) Chicken Kebab
4) Ice Choc with whipped cream
5) Apple juice
6) 2 free ice-creams
"not expensive" he said. it's only RM 60++
thx for the dinner Mr. E.
joined my family at pizza-hut soon after the dinner. no electricity at home ==
~younger sis's holding the camera~

~@~ : "am i fat?" ngiek ngiek!
she's my elder sis, going to give birth to a baby girl soon^^

A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.I.N.G ...

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