Saturday, September 13, 2008

tired, shocked, sad...

Time: 12.51am


I worked for 10 hours today, from 9am-10pm. Felt very sleepy in the afternoon, got used with my afternoon nap d == suffering like hell jz now, for not having a time to even rest my eyes... Friday, this year, i dislike u


My munimoomoooo hp hanger, which my younger sis bought for me from malacca, fell off accidentally when my youngest bro helped me to answer my phone while i was driving. I'd lost the bell in the car... I was shocked, as i love this hp hanger very much ==

~munimoomoooo..i want u back!! T.T~


I received a call from my friend just now. Tomorrow's steambot party, cancelled. Feel sad, coz this year going to celebrate mid-autumn festival alone. Last year 2007, celebrated with friends in juru; a year before last year, celebrated with my ex; 2 years before last year, celebrated with my younger sis n her friends, got a free lantern some more; this year, all alone...~ T.T

~2007 tanglung festival~

today, i am very


>white clouds during day time
>dark clouds during night time

nite nite =.=ZzZ

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