Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my '4 days' blog

1st of all, i would like to shout out:

'STREAMYX!!!! U SUX!!!!!!!!!!'

okay. let's see...how many days i've missed for my blog...4 days??? wat a number...

alright, i'll start with last thursday(18/9) *playback*playback*playback*playback*playback*playback*

18/9 Thursday

today's the day before Joo Hoi's birthday. it's been a busy day for my friends and myself, to give her a birthday surprise...

here're all the presents we prepared

~Look nice?~

and what would they be after being unwrapped?

~red pens and mentos~

now, let's see my friend's facial expression...

~she laughed till her tears out!~

well, she never thought that, coz of one word, we all gave her red pens as presents. but, this is just the start...

19/9 Friday

today's her birthday, here're 2 videos of her birthday celebration

~a cruel surprise again~

~a sweet surprise~

didn't finished taping it, hehe! she's slow in opening this present coz of me, i insist that she must keep the wrapper.

~a gift which is given by 13 friends, written by miss LI WEI! hahahahaha!~
that's the reason i asked her to keep this wrapper! ngiek ngiek!

besides that, we also gave her a birthday 'supper' treat at Hotmas during thursday night. although it's damn hot and humid over there, it's still a memorable night for us =) we aren't that bad, huh? ^.^

20/9 Saturday

i was bitten by an ant in the evening =.= it bit my backside!!! evil ant... now, let's see how it looks like

~*cheng*cheng* here it is! the evil big head ant...=.=~

my backside's itchy for days! you evil ant! i'll put u into jail! i'll make u suffer! i'll wipe off all ur road trails! buahahahahaha! now who's more evil? dare to bite me again?!

21/9 Sunday

i cried in front of my ah sir today. i bla eveything to him, list out all the problems i faced..

thanks to him, i feel so relief now~ i feel like everything's out from my body, no more heavy responsibilities on my shoulder ^.^

after lessons, my friends and i went to juru to celebrate sheau chin's birthday.

~her cake from secret recipe: new york cheese cake!!!~

~so nice! so delicious! i love cake!!!!!~

~birthday girl... she is as sweet as the cake ^^~

it's a nice celebration at Hong Kie Kopitiam. there're 10% discount if we go there to celebrate our birthday. and the waiters and waitresses are friendly too! we asked them to help us to take some pictures. there're 3 of them who helped us =) so we treat them cakes ^^

1st picture was taken by a malay waitress

~eeek! shieh yee! y u hid yourself behind my head?!~

2nd picture was taken by a chinese waiter

~okay! all look very clear~

the 3rd waiter is a Thai. he's the one who helped us to get lighter and took our order.

last but not least, i like the seafood mee udon from that Kopitiam!!! mee udon!!! wait for me!!! i'm coming for you again the next time!!!!


Anonymous said...

aiyo, MIss Chia, y u put my uglg pic in ur blog?!L(

Livvie said...

waaa...so deep! leave ur name plz...=.=