Sunday, September 28, 2008

tiny little incidents around me

zhi li's sitting in front of me, facing the screen. and me? also facing the screen. quite many ppl around us right now...malay...chinese...indian... where are we? we're actually onlining at starbucks...

i dun think i can write my blog if i didn't plan to come out today. nen said it's been 2 days we can't online at home. damn line! feel better sitting here, eating choc cake and drinking my caramel cream with extra whipped cream ( OMG! FAT! XP ) err... dun care so much ler... fat then fat lar~ ngiek ngiek!

i'm going to have my holiday soon. need to work for only one more day, then i'm free for my one week holiday^^ SYOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but my exam is just around the corner... WA-LAO-EH!! hate this kind of feeling! i'm just like a fat bird in a big cage now, got space for me to go around but my 'fat' stop me from moving -.-'

i must use my free time to study, to practice my presentation, to improve my english in building up a proper sentence with the points i know.

from now on, my ah sir is going to torture my frenz n me *sob* this afternoon he just gave us many useful thick thick books about music teaching and 'forced' us to read, and he's going to set questions next sunday. besides that, he asked us to do quite many researches too.... ah ma ahhhhhhh~ please popi popi me and my frenz! T.T


10.57pm now. it's so smelly here ler.... some guys're smoking $%^&*$%^#$^%*&%^&

i missed again my friday and saturday's blog... well... wat did i do yesterday? hmm... woke up, worked, took my lunch, worked again, took my dinner, then worked again... nothing really special happened yesterday. but it's an enjoyable saturday though ^.^

then how about friday? hmm... wat i remember is, i helped han yoong to take care a little spoilt brat after my work. that boy's cute, but spoilt. he's handsome, but spoilt. wat a waste! he really needs lotsa love n teaching as he's just five years old. there're still many opportunities to pull him back from being a spoilt brat... hopefully!

it's 11.16pm now. going home soon. it's rather late now but there're still quite a lot of ppl here. oh well, raya's coming soon. many gatherings. k, till here then. nightz~

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