Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the sense idol

looks like we're coming at the right time ^.^ the sense is holding 'the sense idol' tonight. zhi li n i are out together again to online. we just finished having our yoga lesson.

hmm...we've been sitting here for about one hour, but the competition still not yet started -.-'

okok! stop discussing about them. i've missed to write my blog, AGAIN!!!! tht's really bad. don't know if i can keep up with my consistency of writing blogs every day, or not. i hope that i can take this seriously. it's really a good way to release my stress for the day.

starting from yesterday, the rain keeps pouring down from the sky. it's the 1st day of 'nine king grandpa'. i believe that it'll rain for 9 days full. for somehow, i'm really glad that i have a car. thanks a lot to the ppl who invented cars. thanks to the ppl who invented steel. thanks to the ppl who invented auto gear. thanks to ... suddenly feel so grateful to so many ppl, coz if not because of them, i'll be wet everytime i go to work these days.

today's the 1st day of my holiday. i slept for almost 11 hours. WOAH!!!! when i woke up at 12pm, felt very very very dizzy -.-' then slept again for another 45 minutes after doing house work in the afternoon at 3pm. hmmm... aren't i sound like a kind of animal???? but the difference between us is - it sleeps, eats, sleeps; i work, sleep, work. ngiek ngiek ngiek ngiek ngiek!!!

only 27 minutes remaining. the competition's already started and it's the 4th competitor on the stage right now. the theme for today's competition is according to how the competitors change the song from the usual way it should be sung. uhmm... sounds like everyone is just changing the tune into a jazzy way to sing. it's sad to say that, that's nothing really special in it but luckily it's still very comfortable for us, audience, to listen to.

guess that i should stop here now. my laptop is going to out of power after 22 minutes from now on. hope tomorrow's another sweet day for me ^.^

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