Thursday, September 25, 2008

peaceful night

hmm... planning to write my blog in such an early time? well, it's my 1st time actually.

for days, i can only sleep around 2am @ 3am, then wake up at about 7am =.= very abnormal life ler... and i look older and older coz of not having enough sleep *sob*

HMMPH!!! today i must sleep early ler! i'll sleep at 12am! HMMMMPHH!!!

today, nothing much to write actually. everything's fine. especially night time, whole family watching TV together, trying to discuss what to do or where to go during Raya holiday, but nothing came out in the end... =.="

OMG! it's 11.40pm now. should stop here then. hmmm... in the previous blog: 'cried without tears dropping down my cheeks'???!!! sounds weird... or should this sentence be written as 'cried without tears rolling down my cheeks..'? oh well... still working hard in improving my english... so bad...

kkkkkk! should go to sleep now. nite nite.

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